6 Reasons Why We’re the Best Choice for You

1. More Experience.

We’re proud to have worked with…



  • New Taipei City Government


  • Taichung City Government


  • Yilan City Office


  • Pingtung County Government


  • National Taiwan University


  • National Chengchi University


  • National Pingtung University


  • Tamkang University


  • Alibaba


  • TBMS (Medical Supplies)


  • SDL Trados


  • Speak More Clearly

2. Wider Variety of Fields.

We have a wealth of experience in various fields, including technical and non-technical areas, as well as official items such as birth certificates and medical records.


Areas of specialization include:

technology        law           tourism

medicine           news        science

business           arts           religion


We also have extensive experience helping PhD students and faculty members get published in a range of prestigious journals. For a free quote, click HERE.

3. Government-registered.

DC English Translation was officially established in 2014. Thanks to its emphasis on quality, it quickly grew and gained the approval of clients in academia, business, and the broader general public.


In the past we have worked with national universities, helping them apply for business school accreditation with an internationally-recognized accrediting body. We have also worked with private sector companies looking to submit bid tenders for major government projects. Click HERE to find out how we can help you.


4. Better Quality Translations.

Have you ever been reading a translation and had to do a double-take because the translation sounded so natural it didn’t seem like a translation at all?


That’s what we call a translation that “sounds right”. Consistently producing translations that sound right is one of the things that separates an excellent translation company from an average translation agency.


Imagine you sent off a Chinese document to be translated into English, but when the finished product came back, it didn’t sound like English at all. There were some basic grammar mistakes. There was a “Chinglish” feel to it and it clearly wasn’t written by a native English speaker.

If you then sent this document out to your clients, what image would they have of your company? Of you? Conversely, if you had a translation that “sounded right”, imagine the impression you would make on your clients. Imagine the impression you would make on potential employers or on your supervising instructor.


At DC English Translation, the reason we’re able to produce translations that sound right is because our linguists only translate into their native tongue, whether it be Chinese or English. These translations are then further proofread by fellow linguists, creating a final product that slides off the tongue of a native speaker. And this makes all the difference.


To experience this difference and receive a translation that “sounds right”, click HERE for a free quote today.

5. Dynamic Team of Translators.

What makes for a good team of translators? One crucial aspect is variety: The team must be able to do translations in a variety of areas, whether it be law, medicine, science, or technology. At DC English Translation, our translators have extensive experience translating in their own fields of expertise. Our Head Translator, for instance, has a lot of experience translating legal regulations for universities and other institutions. This allows us to maintain our high standards of translation, regardless of which domain we’re working in.


The second ingredient is having more than one type of native speaker. If a translation team only consists of English speakers, for example, then when asked to translate into Chinese, these English speakers will inevitably find it difficult. At DC English Translation, our team comprises both Chinese and English native speakers.

So, whether we’re asked to produce Chinese to English or English to Chinese translations, we provide the highest-quality results every single time.


If you’d like to experience the DC difference today, please click HERE.

6. English Business Consultancy.

Many Asian companies have excellent products, and yet struggle to gain a foothold in the international marketplace.


Why does this happen?


Often, the people who create and promote brands have very limited English, and you can see this in their marketing slogans, on their company logos, and especially on their websites. They find it difficult to use the right English expressions, turns of phrase that will engage a global audience.

This is where we come in. We provide Asian-based companies with English brand consultancy. Essentially, we help you build a more attractive English brand. This may involve editing your logo text to make it more appealing, creating a catchier company slogan, or writing website copy that grabs the attention of an English-speaking audience.


If you’d like to find out how we can help you improve your English brand, click HERE for a free quote now.